While you ensure you look good at all times, it’s hard to do the same to your house. Furniture is a lot more costly to change over every few seasons. So you tend to keep the same, well-worn furniture in your house.

There are many websites out there with tips on how to spruce up your home but they often turn you off quickly with tips such as “declutter your house”. If you’re a busy person, you don’t have time to do a full declutter.

So here are some relatively easy and affordable ways to style your house:

  • add a feature piece of wall art to a room: but look at ways that you can bring the cost down; such as an inexpensive but colourful patterned fabric stretched over a piece of wood to give it depth, a small rug hung on the wall etc. or a fun one to add personality and colour is buying a decorative photo frame & filling it with photos of vacations you’ve been on;
  • give your cushions a new lease on life: instead of buying new cushions, buy new fabric to tie around them (there are plenty of easy to follow tutorials online), pick a range of fabrics to use but ensure that there is one colour in common that ties the look together;
  • add some candles: even if they aren’t lit, candles in holders add to a room. Decorative holders allows a new look in the room without having to break a budget;
  • add a mirror to a room: if placed correctly, it can help add light and the feeling of space to a room while adding another form of artwork to the walls;
  • change the lighting in a room: if you are able to, change the lighting fixture in the room to something different that you like that can change the atmosphere. If you’re renting and can’t change the light fixture, add some lamps to create a similar effect.


None of these options needs to cost you a lot of time, money or effort. You can choose to follow all of the options or only one of them; and you can apply it to as many rooms as you want, making it, even more, time saving.

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