Quite often this is an area that does not get the attention it deserves because no matter what we do our hands are always on show. Are your hands soft to touch and are the nails manicured?

It is common as we age that brown spots will start to appear; they used to be called liver spots and while most are harmless it is always good to have a skin check done once a year. The spots are caused by melanin clumping together and can be further worsened by lack of sunscreen in summer and not wearing warm gloves in cold weather. Quite often you will notice that the veins become more prominent on the back of the hands and the nails may become brittle with ridges appearing in the nails.

How to pamper your hands:

This is an old remedy but applying a mixture of lemon juice mixed into plain yoghurt may help fade the brown marks on the back of your hands. And if your nails are dry and brittle try soaking them in a little warmed olive oil. While the cuticle around the nail is softened, push it back gently with a cotton bud to release it from the nail. After rinsing and drying your hands, you may wish to buff some of the ridges from the nails taking care not to weaken the nail and then shape the nails to suit your hands. If you are intending to apply nail polish you can apply a nail base which will help disguise any ridging in the nail and stop strong colours from discolouring your nails. The next step is to apply the colour of choice and then a top coat. If you do not wish to wear a coloured polish, one that is clear will give the nails a nice shine or they can be buffed with a special buffing pad using a little powder of oil to create a nice shine.

Just as we need to moisturise our skin more often as we age we also need to apply hand cream a lot more frequently as our hands are immersed in water frequently during the day and should be protected from washing detergents by wearing gloves.

Remember treat your nails like jewels, not tools.

Until next time,