Do you know the wonderful seaside town of Anglesea situated on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria?

This is not far from where I spent my childhood years and is a wonderful place to visit in the summer or any time of the year.

There are many choices of accommodation from staying in rental holiday homes, apartments, resorts and of course a favourite of many families camping all of which need to be booked well in advance of the summer holidays and Easter.


I love the wonderful ocean beaches and taking a four day break we walked for hours on the beaches which have freshness and openness that Bayside beaches do not have. I have found nothing better to revive my spirit than the fresh clean air and all the negative ions which really give me a boost at the beach. We had a wonderful day trip travelling around the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay where we walked on the beach, stopped for lunch and did some shopping. We have seen the whales migrating past Apollo Bay and followed watching from a distance with friends walking along the beach which was amazing. We continued back to Lorne which has quite a different feel due to the location, walking on the wonderful beaches as it is a very picturesque place and where I spent many hours when young. We were very lucky to have such wonderful weather as it was sunny every day.

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