It is very handy to have a beach cover to slip on whether you are sitting at the beach or by the pool. I am wearing a 100% cotton caftan top in the picture which is really cool even on hot days and have found it to be a great item in my wardrobe for its versatility as it looks nice even when worn with a pair of slim fitting slacks and if the mosquitoes are around it offers a bit of protection. Sarongs are a great cover up also and can be tied in a variety of ways and these come in different qualities so if you have bought one on your travels check the colour fastness as a lot bleed dye colour and need to be washed separately. At the moment a lot of the stores have lovely cover ups in different colours and fabrics so you should be able to find something that you will love. Sunscreen and protective clothing is something which was not much of a concern when I was young but I guess that having a mother who is a redhead with the typical very fair skin saved me from a lot of major skin damage which I am grateful for today.

Finding a hat which suits your needs can be a daunting affair as there are so many to choose from; you can purchase straw hats with wide brims but these are not good when it comes to packing and travelling but there are some which look like straw but are made of a synthetic fibre and can be squashed, they then will bounce back. For windy days my hat of choice is a cap as it is less likely to blow away and I also love my cotton hat which is multi coloured and has a smaller brim as it goes with all my casual clothes and is so small to pack.

Until next time,