Olivia Hanlon Stokes - Personal StylistI have found that with most of my clients you are very aware of what shape face others have but not your own i.e. another case of “mirror myopia” or shortsightedness and this is a major issue as hair is the single biggest feature on your head!

First of all pull your hair back off your face with a head band or scarf then stand in front of a mirror at head height and looking straight ahead (it is important not to look down or up) with a piece of soap or a lip liner trace the outline of your face.

Now looking at the shapes decide which of the shapes you are…….

*Oval           *Heart or inverted triangle          *Round          *Oblong          *Square          

The ideal face shape is oval and that is what we strive for using hair styling and make up application to help create the illusion.




If you are lucky enough to have an oval shape face that means almost any hairstyle can be chosen but remember classic styles will look best. Note that with maturity an oval face can appear square due to the relaxation of the flesh along the jaw.

Heart or inverted triangle: shutterstock_138127535

A full fringe or one that is swept to the side or a side part will balance this face shape as will less fullness on the top and more on the bottom i.e. from the ear lobe down.


Long hair will lengthen the face as do long layers or a side swept fringe that falls to the cheek bone.


The most important place to have fullness is in the sides to create width and a fringe will shorten the length of the face.


Never have a style that is cut level with the jaw line e.g. a bob as this will accentuate the squareness of your face.

Until next time,