Olivia Hanlon Stokes - Personal Stylist

shutterstock_49116379When creating a look that you love there are a number of things to consider first of all your lifestyle:

  1. How many hours to you spend at work?
  2. Do you work from a home office? How many hours?
  3. Are you in uniform or required to wear special clothing?
  4. Have you changed careers?
  5. Do you have special activities that that need to be considered e.g. tennis, gym, walking, yoga, art classes, gardening?
  6. In family time are you attending sporting events, barbeques, movies?
  7. Does your social life require formal attire on a regular basis?
  8. Have you gained or lost weight?
  9. What personality are you?
  10. What image do you want to project?

If you know the answers to these questions you will quickly be able to see the gaps in clothing required for your lifestyle and where you have spent the most shutterstock_127100540money on items in your wardrobe. The next step is to create a realistic list of items missing from your wardrobe so that when you go shopping, you will know what to buy and not become a fashion victim spending your hard earned money on clothing you have no need for.

Most times when detoxing wardrobes of my clients I have found that their life is in transition meaning that the needs of their lifestyle have changed are not being matched by the items in the wardrobe.

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