Attitude to appropriate clothing has changed rapidly and also our attitude to age or ageing. What was 50 is now the new 30 and what was 60 is now the new 40. We see articles like this in all the popular magazines as the as the marketers of fashion depict images of movie stars and singers that you may have always admired over the years wearing clothes that are on trend.

What does on trend mean and does being on trend suit you? Being on trend is just another word for fashionable, and if the styles of clothing they are promoting does not flatter your figure, and you purchase the item because it is on trend then you have just become another victim of fashion. Hemlines invariably go up and down and so do top and jacket lengths; but if you tuck your favourite piece away waiting for the fashion to return as it will within nine to thirteen years it will be made of a different fabric, the collar will be different etc. or your shape may have changed in the years between.

shutterstock_135448586Even if you have great legs still at 40,50, or 60 and beyond check your knees for sagging … stars and models cannot escape this either just check your magazines. Quite often at the age of perimenopause, during and after women will carry extra weight around the middle giving them an apple shape so highlighting your waist with a flashy belt that is in season would not be the best choice or wearing a micro mini skirt…..where are the fashion police?

shutterstock_73642849Women will often resort to long tops over leggings to cover the tummy problem but if the top is straight and does not follow the line of your body or if there is no detail to suggest shape you can risk looking like “Sponge Bob Square Pants” (a popular cartoon character).

It really is of great importance to be realistic about your shape and wear clothes that are going to flatter YOU and add the on-trend touch with accessories such as scarves, necklaces, bracelets or maybe a new bag.

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