We are all required to wear clothes every day whether we work for someone else, run our own business or are the domestic general manager. It can be a very frustrating part of the day just look at these figures from a UK study.

  • Women spend 287 days over a lifetime deciding what to wear.
  • Average woman spends 16 minutes per day deciding what to wear.
  • Around 14-16 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • If she is heading out for the night, she will take another 20 minutes to decide what to wear.
  • 52 Minutes deciding what to pack for a holiday.
  • Once at the destination will take 10 minutes a day to decide what to wear.
  • Selecting an outfit for the gym or sporting activity will take 14 minutes per outing.

Choosing what to wear and the message it sends is like a text being sent out to the world. Presenting your best involves knowing your best colours, styles and how to accessorise but if your wardrobe is not organised and you can’t find the items chosen then the stress does not disappear.

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