After the winter coldness and spending too much time indoors with gardens looking ordinary, except for few flowering plants which are vibrant in colour against the green foliage and dullness of the days it is wonderful to watch the seasons change.

First, the daffodils arrived and then the snowdrops followed, then I noticed the iceberg rose had many buds appearing. The best surprise of all much to my delight the Iris that my husband planted started to flower all 14 of them scattered through the garden which has been one of my favourite flowers for as long as I remember.

I sometimes wonder if it was the colour of this flower that influenced my choice of colour that I chose for my business a deep rich purple very similar to the colour of the Iris.

Spring Flowers Spring Flowers

It is also a time in Melbourne that we find more of the locals and visitors spending time in the parks just strolling, sitting on picnic rugs, enjoying drinking their lattes in many of the cafes, dusting off the barbeque ready for the sunny days ahead, and the many lunches and dinners to be had with family and friends. The mood of the population also rises and is tangible as we look forward to the football finals when the celebrations start in earnest, followed by the spring racing carnival when the roses which will be in full bloom are a magnificent sight at Flemington and are known for their beauty around the world.

It is spring and one of the most beautiful times of the year for gardens.

Tell me what is your favourite flower of spring……..


Until next time,