I wonder if it’s in the family DNA the reason why I have always loved hats whether large, small, cloche made of felt usually that never blow off, fedora or a beret… my mother’s grandmother was a milliner!

Do I need to wear a hat is a question that I am often asked when it comes to race days and the rules or expectations have changed a lot over the past few years.

I would have been unthinkable not to wear a hat a few years ago and then the big star became the fascinator and the range of them is immense these days. They are favoured by the young and those who are not regular racegoers as they are usually far more affordable.

There are lots of places that you can buy a fascinator headpiece i.e. Target, boutiques, Myer, David Jones to name a few or you can even make one with supplies from Spotlight if you have an artistic flair and then you will be sure it is original.

If you wish to enter the Fashion on the Field events then a hat is a must as it is often the finishing touch to the outfit. We have some amazing milliners in Melbourne who have been busy over the past months creating beautiful hats. Louise Macdonald has worked for 20 years and her hats are considered the ultimate in beauty and style, Jill and Jack millinery are in Highett, Cupids Millinery in Melbourne have been designing hats and fascinators for over 40 years and they have an online store.

shutterstock_233621038When wearing a hat it is often best to wear long hair up or tied back so that it does not detract from the hat but with a fascinator often the balance is best with the hair left loose. If it is windy you can use a hat pin to secure your hat and there are some amazing decorative pins available as well as the elastic which is attached to most hats.

Let your hat or fascinator be the star and wear small earrings that will not compete.

Until next time,