It is no surprise to fuller busted women that they at times have aching shoulders from the straps supporting their breasts.

Photo by Melnychuk Nataliya on Unsplash

When you have narrow straps and a narrow band around your back supporting your breasts, then you will be well aware of the indentations that you have at the end of the day when you take your bra off. In some cases, over the years the indentation does not disappear overnight but becomes a permanent dent.

It is no wonder when you think of a study that Playtex did which discovered that the average weight of a B cup breast is 150g, a C cup 300g, and a D cup 600g. One can only imagine the stress larger breasts place on your shoulders and back, e.g. think about Dolly Parton.

Often it is touted that we all should be wearing an underwire bra, but you can suffer bruising and soreness from underwires that dig in and rub if you are wearing the wrong size bra which in hot weather can cause the skin to break down and become very painful.

60% of women cannot wait to take off their bra when they get home, so what does this indicate? It is usually a bra that is an incorrect size!! Instead of just wearing the size you have previously been wearing go and have a fitting (some companies are doing virtual fittings online) as our bodies change so does the size of our breasts.

Have in mind the style of clothes that you wear and the type of bra required to wear under them to make the garment sit properly and flatter your bosom. Choose styles from the numerous ones now available, e.g. soft cup bra, t-shirt bra, balconette bra, a strapless bra, sports bra, lace bra, cami bra, pushup bra, contour bra, minimiser bra, and wire-free bra to mention a few.

Which style of bra is your favourite?

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