When you wear slacks/jeans do you remember you’re feminine?

Slacks, jeans, cargos, cropped trousers, Capri length or cigarette style pant are just a few of the names given to women’s pants that have become an essential wardrobe item most cases. I am sure that you will be able to relate to one of the styles mentioned although there is still a lot more variety on the trouser/pant style front that I could have listed along with the fabrics used.I am interested to know do you remember you’re feminine and not stride like a man?

When at airports or large shopping complexes sit down and people watch for a while, and you will discover what I see as the different style of shoes worn with the different pant styles will often make a difference to the length of a step taken and how the woman appears. In many cases, women have forgotten or never been taught good posture and walking and this shows up very strongly when wearing pants, some stomp along, others stride like a man and this is very unbecoming when wearing heels.


The fit of slacks is another huge area full of challenges do you wear them skinny or super skinny, cigarette style, straight leg, bootleg or flared? It is very easy to spend a day trying on the different styles and makes to get the perfect fit without “pussy whiskers” at the front crotch level or when the crutch length is too short it will cause them to ride up giving you a wedgie at the back, neither is a flattering look. We also have the choice of low rise, mid rise or high waisted which is the next decision, and the one that is most flattering on 40++ figures is mid rise as it gives extra support across the tummy and does not expose anything at the back below the pant waist when bending.

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