Are you original in your ideas, avoiding copying friends in clothes and home décor?

I have over the years noticed that females, in particular, tend to copy each other in dress and this is most obvious in the 12 to 18 year age bracket. This is due to peer pressure and wanting to look the same and not stand out though some are confident and clear about the look they wish to project (wear) and quite often stand out as leaders.

Has this behaviour carried on through to your adult life?shutterstock_299666528

Copying is supposed to be the highest form of a compliment but if you are the one being copied then it becomes very tiresome. At one stage in my life a friend would copy every hair style and colour I tried so I thought I will cut my hair short and she will not do that but I was wrong…..the next time I saw her she had the same style and colour!! This was silly as she and I had different face shapes, the texture of hair etc. I am not speaking of siblings who will often buy the same items; which my sister and I used to do that a lot without the knowledge the other had already bought the item. In fact, we bought the same dining setting but the fabric on the chairs was a different colour, identical cots and wardrobes for the nursery but when it came to clothing our tastes were quite different as were our personalities.

Have you bought new items for your house to give it an update then noticed that when you went to visit a friend that they also had the same item? This often happens when one person is a leader and the other just follows which in business if leading a team is great but in your private life this can be annoying. Your home is a reflection of who you are and your family so no two places should be the same as no two families or people have the same lifestyle or personalities. Has your lifestyle changed? Maybe you are now by yourself or children may have left the nest which means you are in transition so it is time to find yourself again as many women around the age of forty finally feel comfortable with who they are, others may decide to reinvent themselves and their surroundings. It is really important to surround yourself with what you love in your wardrobe and home, removing anything that you do not need or want as this creates a negative energy which will hinder your development of self-discovery.

But what is the best way to narrow down what you love instead of what you like!?


If you cut out images of makeup, hairstyles, clothes, accessories, furniture, room designs from magazines it will give you a starting point. You may be surprised at the similarity of the items but look carefully and note the finish or detail you love and soon a trend will start to emerge that is you!



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