Have you ever been wearing a pair of heels/shoes at an event or shopping while your attention is really on the pain in your feet?

It makes me wonder why do we do this to our feet? Our feet take the whole weight of the body and, we are being sold the impression to look great you have to wear heels or fit our feet into a style of shoe that does not work with our shape foot. Today there are fashionable shoes for larger feet, and different foot widths which make purchasing that fabulous new pair of shoes a more pleasant experience as feet are getting bigger and broader as we as a human race are becoming taller. Flat shoes are now being worn by more women than ever before as they realise the benefits of comfort. Most women believe that French women have great style, and when you see footage of them walking around, they are not teetering on incredibly high heels, they are often wearing flats in numerous designs.

I recommend pedicures be done at home by yourself or by a professional podiatrist to ensure that your feet are happy and not neglected to keep them healthy.

A few tips for looking after your shoe collection:

  • Clean your new shoes before wearing them with a suitable polish/cream or spray with a waterproofing finish to protect the surface from grime and water.
  • Shoes should never be worn on two consecutive days as up to 1 litre of fluid may be released through the feet perspiring.
  • The side effect of this is that the stitching and leather will deteriorate, and shoes will smell. You also may start to develop fungal problems on your feet and under toenails.
  • If your shoes are ill-fitting then you would be putting a lot of pressure on your feet which may contribute to corns, bunions and callouses all, of which are quite painful.

Until next time,