Do you make the best of yourself with makeup? Spotlight your best features?

I have found working with women 40+ that there is a vast range of ideas and opinions that are in the extremes. Some ladies have never used makeup as they were never taught. Others use the same technique they used in their twenties; or bought items from a cosmetic counter and never use the products!! As they are too embarrassed to admit spending the money on the cosmetics.

This is a dilemma which has to be addressed for all women as there are simple techniques that would spotlight your best features.

I am sure that each of you will easily identify your best feature by thinking about comments and compliments which you have received. Is it your beautiful shaped eyebrows, your eyes, high cheekbones, lovely shaped mouth just to give you a small memory jolt.


shutterstock_144803959If you do not feel confident shaping them you need to see a professional brow specialist. I know that this may sound strange but only on rare occasions are your eyebrows a match. On most women, they need to be coached into matching by careful plucking or threading at least on the first occasion. If you have heavy brows as time goes by the eyelids succumb to gravity so they may need reshaping to give your eyes a beautiful open look. If you removed too many hairs from the brows then there are products such as pencils and brow powders which will help fill in the gaps.


shutterstock_116290570The way that you apply the eye shadow and pencils should change as fashions do but remember to use a primer for eye shadow on your eyelids to help the colour to stay all day and if eyelids have become creepy in appearance primer assists with that also. Do not use shimmering eye shadow on creepy eyelids as this will emphasise the issue. You do not change the colour of your eyes so you will not require lots of different colours to highlight your eyes. Eyeshadow is marketed as this season’s colours and shapes each year for sales but the best technique is to know the colour and shape that make your eyes the focal point for the right reason.



Apply the majority of the colour at the apple of the cheek then sweep it along the cheekbone towards the temple. Depending on the undertone of your skin coral or rose-toned will look lovely but be aware of mineral powders that promise to give you a sun-kissed appearance as I have seen far too many orange faced ladies from using too much mineral powder.



shutterstock_275842205Generally, as we age our lips become thinner and not as full as they once were so it is best usually to adjust our lip colour accordingly as dark colours will make your lips look even thinner. It is always best to use a lip liner the same colour as the lipstick or close to your lip colour and now you can even buy clear lip liners which are great.

Do not line your lips to the corners if gravity has caused your lips to droop a little and blend with a lip brush when applying the lip colour as a line around your mouth can look quite peculiar. Apply the lipstick with the lip brush, blot the lips then apply again using the brush to get a great shape.

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