Incorporating Coconut OilCoconut oil is a natural product that has been used by cultures around the world for hundreds of years for cooking and beauty. In recent times coconut oil and its nutritional benefits have been focused on in the media; however, it is also a great natural and affordable product to use in your beauty regime.

Coconut Oil can be purchased from supermarkets, health food shops and even greengrocers. I always buy cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil in glass bottles so it is not contaminated from plastic packaging.

Coconut oil is a wonderful natural alternative for a body moisturiser. You can use the coconut oil in its natural state or you can always add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to change the scent. If you live in colder climates you may find the oil solidifies, if this happens just place your jar or bottle in hot water (not boiling) for a few minutes. I place my jar of coconut oil in the bottom of the shower (of course with the lid on) and it is ready to use after I have drying myself.

Even those of us who have oily/ or high moisture levels in our skin will notice them diminishing from 35 years of age onwards and one of the issues after menopause is dry skin. This is a wonderful treatment which contains no chemicals, therefore, will not damage the body or add to toxicity. The average woman in getting ready for the day using body lotions, skin care and make-up apply approximately 400 different chemicals on themselves, many which have toxic side effects and are often listed as carcinogenic inductive ie. cancer.

Tip: I wait a few moments before dressing to allow the oil to soak in, but I have never found oil stains on my clothing.

Incorporating Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can also be used as a natural hair treatment. Apply it to your hair a few hours before you wish to wash your hair and let the oil soak and hydrate your hair. You can even leave it in overnight, before washing it out. I suggest you cover your pillow with a towel to stop the oil soaking into your pillow.

Coconut oil can even be used when styling your hair every day if you have dry hair; it is great if you have curly hair that tends to go frizzy!!!!

I have been using coconut oil for the past 2 months and I have been receiving positive comments on how great my skin is looking!!! And the great thing is I only need one product.

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