If you have a trip coming up packing is often the thing you leave until last, or you spend weeks trying to work out what to wear. It’s hard to remain stylish when you are limited with what you can take. These are some handy hints to ensure that you don’t over or under pack for your trip away, regardless of what season it is.

  • If travelling overseas, know what your baggage limit is. You need to remember that you will probably want to purchase souvenirs while away so you don’t want to hit your limit before even going.
  • If travelling overseas, know what the rough currency exchange is. That way you can work out if an item is essential to be packed right away or if you can pick one up once you arrive.
  • Check what the forecast is for the destinations you are travelling. While you might not be able to see exactly what the temperature will be for the whole trip, get a general idea on what it is currently.
  • Know if where you stay has a laundry either in the place you are staying or a laundromat nearby. Pack a clothesline if need be.
  • Pick out a colour palette and find items that can be mixed and matched easily with that palette. This gives you a range of outfits without needing too many items packed.
  • If you are going somewhere warm, wear a light jacket on your way there. That way if you are on a plane, train etc. you have something to help keep the air conditioning chill off you and you have it for the evenings if needed.

Ultimately, you will still need to remember essential items, things like your tickets, your passport, money etc. that when leaving it to the last minute can result in leaving things behind. Write a list and ensure that you check off what you pack and when returning home, you check it off again. Keeping this list will make sure that you don’t forget anything!

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