I have seen many handbags/purses that women have collected over time when detoxing their wardrobes. I must say it varies from a collection of evening purses that have only been used once or twice to rows of bags of many different colours and styles, and still, clients say “I don’t have the right bag”.
Handbags like all things in fashion change from season to season and from year to year but if you want to look current then do not buy bags with big logos on them or even worse copies of designer bags. Owners of the real deal can pick a fake one easily so instead buy a bag from a new designer at a more affordable price.
When choosing a bag for work a tote or bucket bag is great as you can fit many items into the bag and some of the laptop bags these days a very well made and to look like a tote bag and usually have the option of a shoulder strap as well. You do not need to pack like your going away for a weekend if you are going to be in the office for the day and going home as your bag could become very heavy.
Having a purse/handbag that you can use when for regular activities, e.g. lunching with friends, maybe dinner or shopping is also a good purchase. Examples of styles would be an envelope, with handles only or a shoulder strap, and some will have both options. Structured which looks more tailored often square or rectangle, gathered and soft like a pouch more and come in many different finishes high gloss or matt leather, faux leather often called pleather.
A small handbag which can be tucked into your larger tote if attending an event after work. My wallet has a spot for my phone which makes it very user friendly where I can access the phone without opening my bag and a wrist strap.
Classic dressing considered that a handbag should match your shoes or be one tone lighter or darker, but now it is on-trend to
have a bag which works for you and adds some personality to a plain outfit, but if your clothes have a lot of detail, then you need a plain style bag/purse that is not competing with your clothes.
TIP: When using a shoulder bag adjust the strap so that the bag sits at the narrow part of your torso, not at hip level which will add extra width to part of the body most women wish to disguise.

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