For many years women have used Lanolin to maintain a healthy natural moisture balance in their nails and it provides an invisible barrier for times when your hands are subjected to being in water numerous times a day e.g. maybe you work in a profession where you are constantly washing your hands or have young children or grandchildren.

A woman’s hands are always on show, and it does not matter what occupation you have, hands are always noticed and especially the nails. It is an indication how you care for yourself and present yourself. Some women love to have their nails polished professionally using the new gels and shellac offered by nail salons. On the other hand, other women say they don’t have the time or the desire to spend the time or money visiting nail salons, so their hands do not get the proper care they need, but this does not have to be.

Some tips for beautiful natural nails and nice hands-

  • Massage Lanolin daily into your hands paying attention to the nails and cuticles. Within a few days, you will notice the skin on your hands is smoother, and the nails look healthier from using the Lanolin. I apply this last thing at night to my hands and also treat my feet.
  • Do not cut or remove cuticles as it is harmful to your nails. The cuticles job is to protect your nails from an infection caused by bacteria and fungus.
  • Never pull torn or cut cuticles they should be trimmed with fine scissors to remove the damaged skin so it does not tear further.
  • Should you file or cut your nails?  It is best to file your nails with a fine grit emery board or a glass file which is even finer from the outside to the middle, to the desired shape and length. Note sawing back and forth weakens your nails.
  • If you wish to cut your nails, then do this after showering or soak them before cutting and then finish by filing.
  • After filing or cutting your nails massage some olive oil or almond oil into the nail and cuticle area as this will promote growth.
  • Never bite your nails if you want them to be healthy.
  • Only use acetone free polish remover as it dries out your nails and surrounding skin.

Interesting nail facts:

           Nails grow quicker in summer than winter; nails grow approximately 2.5mm a month, but toenails only grow about 1mm and nails absorb more water than skin.

Until next time,