19 Spring Ideas that will help you feel spoiled.

  1. Do some of the things you used to love doing when you were a child as we get older, and we forget to have fun.
  2.  Spritz yourself with some of your favourite perfume it is an immediate mood lifter.
  3. Feed the plants inside and outside so as the sun shines, they will produce luxurious and healthy leaves and flowers.
  4. Make the most of daylight savings and the long evenings enjoying a picnic in the backyard. If you don’t have a backyard or a balcony then grab a picnic rug and pack a great dinner and take it to the park/beach.
  5. Retrieve your summer sandals from storage and give them a polish ready for wearing with your summer dresses.
  6. Get out your most loved maxi dresses or minis give them a press-ready for wearing on the lovely warm days ahead.
  7. Have an alfresco meal to make you feel you are on holiday if you have space, remember citronella candles keep the insects away.
  8. Visit a berry farm and pick your strawberries or blueberries it is fantastic to eat the ones you have handpicked and if you get tired you can always buy some extra from the grower.
  9. Water all plants first thing in the morning before the heat of the day in your Pj’s.
  10. Add some glamour to sitting out in the evenings with some solar lighting or lanterns for that relaxing holiday feel.
  11. Have lunch in the back yard with all the trimmings of a pretty tablecloth and lovely crockery, silverware and wine glasses it feels so special and enjoy by yourself or with friends.
  12. Yellow is such a happy colour and reminds us of sunshine so why not add a dash of it to your outside with pretty cushions.
  13. Make some pure fruit juice icy poles for the children to enjoy.
  14. Missing your beach holiday? Buy some moisturizer with a coconut fragrance it will significantly enhance a soft and silky skin.
  15. Play some of your favourite holiday music in the background to ignite memories of good times.
  16. Have some fun coloured accessories to wear instead of the usual neutral tones it shouts holidays!
  17. Have fun with the summer toned nail polishes as you are sure to find one you will love.
  18. Decorate the yard or balcony using empty jam jars and some scented tealight candles but DO NOT leave unattended.
  19. Open the windows and allow the summer breeze to flow through and gently blow the curtains.

Until next time,