Olivia Hanlon Stokes - Personal StylistAre you just as fussy about being well groomed at home as when you’re going out?

I find when detoxing wardrobes of clients there is a big difference between the clothes they use for working, going out and what they are wearing at home. I am not referring to the clothes that you have maybe for painting or doing other grubby jobs that need to be done at home.

This is an area of wardrobe planning that is most times neglected. The people who you care about most usually see you at your worst not having taken time to groom yourself. If a visitor or courier came to the door you would be embarrassed to be seen in the clothes? Have you shutterstock_17712370ever popped to the local shops to purchase something and the last person you would like to run into is there and says hello? This is another embarrassing situation and usually a reason is mumbled as to why your hair is a mess and why your wearing the clothes you are in hoping that the person will realise that this is not how you usually present yourself.

downloads as couple on beachIt is possible to stop these events happening if you plan a casual wardrobe that is comfortable to relax in but still look stylish and I am sure that your loved ones will appreciate the effort you have made. Once again you need to look at your individual lifestyle and figure shape to know the garments that will be flattering and best suited to your life. The items could include jeans, slacks, ponti pants, knitted tops of different weights and sleeve lengths or lounging wear for the evening and there is a good range of clothing in this area now so you don’t have to wear your dressing gown!!. When it comes to meal preparation and you do not want to be spattered by food that you are preparing it is handy to have an apron to pop on and now there are plenty of trendy ones available and the cooking shows always show contestants wearing them so you can imagine you are a contestant making a wonderful dish.

Shoes should be comfortable and flat for most ladies or a stylish pair of slippers for the cold nights.

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