Olivia Hanlon Stokes - Personal StylistJust like when you go into a book shop and see beautiful coffee table books and you pick one up because it has caught your eye; the same happens in real life. People are always attracted to others who appear well groomed and stylish they are always remembered. When you have attended a function with friends you will recount the evening as follows as you may not know the individuals names: “remember the girl with the red hair and the orange coat or the dark haired man in that gorgeous leather jacket” etc.

Neat Styling Helps Your Appearance

The next stage is when you look inside the book you may find that the cover was not indicating the type of images that you were looking for and the same happens when you meet new people the image may be great but when we speak to them we may discover that we do not have similar interests or that the way they live their life is something that does not fit with you.


Neat Styling Helps Your AppearanceHave you ever been waiting to be served in a shop and then someone walks in who is well groomed and confident and instead of serving you next, the shop assistant serves the other person first? It is very frustrating when an episode like this happens and very few people will speak up why is this? Usually because they are not as well groomed and therefore lack confidence. This happens not only in shops but at events also as image is not something you dust off when you are going out but is a 24 hour a day event which cannot be faked.

Most people have a sense about this and do not know what it is but to give you an example- the new car sales people groom beautifully in their suits but you can sense what they are saying is not who they are so immediately there is suspicion. The same happens in all sales arenas whether you are a working person, run your own business or a domestic goddess as we all sell our image of who we are to the people in our lives whether it be clients or family. If we are not confident and know we look fantastic while we are working, doing home maintenance, dropping children to school or shopping this will often undermine the opportunities we get in life both in the working arena and socialising.

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